MBT Shoes REVIEW and Clearance

MBT Shoes REVIEW and Clearance 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

MBT Shoes - Review and ClearanceInitially, shoes were specifically meant to protect the feet from being pricked from below or any dropping objects from above. However, as the years went by, the shoes became more of a fashion object, which focused more on its design and outward look. This was the aim of many designers, who wanted to brighten the feet, especially with the shoes on. However, one Swiss Engineer, Karl Muller, brought in a different and diverse purpose of shoes, to promote one’s physique. This was brought through the Maasai Barefoot Technology-MBT shoes.

MBT Shoes Review

Here is an mbt shoes clearance review that will show if these shoes really help in improving a person’s physique:


The Maasai Barefoot Technology shoes have been designed to make you feel like you are walking in sand. The shoe has several layers along with a sole that is curved to offer a natural, but imbalanced surface. There are several layers that all work for the benefit of the muscle enhancement (more…)

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Alegria Shoes Review – Clearance and PROMO code

Alegria Shoes Review – Clearance and PROMO code 5.00/5 (100.00%) 4 votes


Alegria Shoes - Review and ClearanceAlegria means happiness in Portuguese. If you think this is a coincidence, then think again. The shoe company Alegria prides themselves on making fun and exciting footwear. The California based company creates their shoes to have the standard footwear features and incorporates wellness and health into their line as well.

Created for the typical Californian, Alegria shoes offer a soft and supportive foot bed that one would imagine walking on clouds would feel like. The shoes are typically constructed out of leather and come in a wide selection of vibrant and exhilarating colours. Alegria creates colourful shoes to add some variety in your life, whilst being incredibly comfortable at the same time.

Alegria Shoes – Design and Comfort

There are three components to each Alegria shoe. These include a rocker-esque outsole, comfortable foot bed and colour therapy designs. Alegria’s outsoles are designed to allow the (more…)

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