Unexpected winter shoes

With the winter still here we would like to talk some more about this year’s winter shoes.fall_winter_2014_2015_shoe_trends_chunky_heel_shoes

There are so many different trends making their way into this winter’s collection but one trend seems to stick out – heels, heels, heels. More and more girls throw their comfortable everyday shoes for the trendy heels. We understand that winter shoes need to be comfortable and warm but that does not exclude heels.

Heels can get you through the day, keep your feet warm and still look fabulous. Chunky heels in particular have made winter shoes more desired than ever. They will not only support your feet but they will look great.  Dolce & Gabbana introduced an extraordinary collection with this year’s winter shoes and Fendi didn’t disappoint. With D&G sparkle and Fendi’s classic cut there is something for everyone.

Another trend for winter shoes this year was quite unexpected. Manly boots took women by a storm and became (more…)

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Taryn Rose shoes

From experience women know that fashion and comfort don’t always go hand in hand. It’s so hard nowadays to find your perfect little mix between stylish shoe and comfortable shoe. Women have always been challenged by the shoe industry that is exploiting their personal style and comfort.

We would like to introduce to you a brand that has perfectly combined the comfort with the style – Taryn Rose shoes.

Founded in 1998 by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Taryn Rose the brand has been a success from the beginning. Taryn Rose shoes offer women an exquisite  look that is not only amazing but extremely ctaryn rose shoesomfortable!

Taryn Rose shoes offer a variety of styles for everyone. From the elegant pumps to the everyday flats you cannot go wrong with Taryn Rose shoes.

Made with the explicit idea of not only bringing an elegant silhouette but an immense support during the day – Taryn R (more…)

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