Summer of Straps

As summer is approaching every girl walks into her closet thinking “I need more shoes”. So what is this year’s style going to be? There’s only one work for it – Crazy!

Girls it’s time to get your freak on and show the world what you are passionate about!

Shoes are not only something to wear ‘cause we cannot go out and about with our slippers (Wait! Can’t we?!), shoes can be a great way to express yourself!1

Here we have a few trends for you that are going to dominate this summer!

Let us start with Accents! In the past a woman’s ankles were considered very sexy and expressive so why not put an accent on that part of the woman’s body and let’s see what happens. Ankle straps are a prevailing of femininity and the following trendsetters for the coming season, being introduced with a whole range of creative interpretations. Ankle straps are going to be a hit and of course designers know it (more…)

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Asics tennis shoes

As the weather’s getting wormer and wormer people are getting more and more active. A great outdoors sport that will tone you up and charge you with extra energy is tennis. Working all your muscles this sport can givasicse you the perfect workout.
As tennis is a demanding sport that expects a lot of activity you need to be as comfortable as possible. Let us introduce to you a brand of tennis shoes that brings a comfort and security with every step – ASICS Tennis Shoes.
So let us tell you a bit more about ASICS. The name of the brand actually is (more…)

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